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Pat’s Flash Cards 380 US Presidents, States and Capitals Memory and Concentration Playing Cards Bundle

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  • A large collection of memory games all in one bundle to help learn presidents and states and capitals.  380 cards total!
  • The presidents cards have four matching games.  Match between the president's photo, their name, their term dates, or their term number.  This makes for at least 5 different memory games to learn all the essentials of the U.S. Presidents.
  • For example, you can play a game to match photos to names.  Or match photos to term dates; photos to term numbers; names to term dates; or names to term numbers.  That's 5 different games just for presidents!
  • The states and capitals cards are a completely different set of four matching games within the bundle.  Match between the state name, the state capital, the state abbreviation and a map of the state.  Similar to presidents, you can play at least 5 different memory games for learning the states and capitals!
  • Cards measure 2.5x3.5 inches, the standard playing card size.  Like all our products, these are designed and manufactured in the United States by Pat's Flash Cards LLC.