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  • 192 flash cards with nouns, verbs and prepositions. Cards measure 3.5x5.5 inches. Designed and manufactured in the United States with the help of native German speakers.
  • Cards are simple and intuitive: artwork on the front and German text on the back. The content on the front does NOT give away the answer on the back!
  • NO ENGLISH on the cards means you must associate the German with the pictures. There are also eight additional cards with English-German translations for easy lookup.
  • The artwork on these cards was drawn specifically for Pat's Flash Cards!
  • Here's what you get: 19 animal cards, 27 food cards, 9 people cards, 9 family cards, 21 number cards, 15 verb cards, 11 object cards, 4 clothes cards, 6 transportation cards, 4 kitchen/dining cards, 7 bathroom cards, 4 school and office cards, 14 locations cards, 4 landscapes cards, 7 colors cards, 7 adjectives and opposites cards, 10 prepositions cards, 4 emotions cards and 10 body cards.
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