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New Product: Nutritional Facts Flash Cards

Hey there, it's Pat and today I've got a new nutrition product for you all.  In February of this year, I received a request for nutritional flash cards for children with type 1 diabetes.  I looked into the current competitors for nutritional fact flash cards and found almost nothing, so I decided to take a crack at this.


These cards have a classic format for memorization - the food name on the front, nutritional facts on the back.  One major distinction with these cards is that almost all serving sizes are in cups.  (Some exceptions would be soda, in which the units are 12 fl oz / 1 can) I did this because cups of food are easier to visualize than grams or ounces, so you can apply your knowledge of nutritional facts to everyday life outside of the house.

The second cool thing about these cards is the inclusion of net carbs.  Net carbs is equal to carbs minus fiber.  Fiber does not impact blood sugar levels, so net carbs is the more important unit to consider when making meal choices with diabetes.

These cards can be used for any other nutritional purposes as well.  Carb counting, calorie counting and sugar-free diets would all benefit from this product.  Let's face it, using a calorie-counting app while at the grocery store or restaurant is not nearly as cool as just having it memorized!




Click here to see the new Nutrition Flash Cards



Post down in the comments below if you have any questions, or use the contact page to contact Pat's Flash Cards directly!

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